8 février 2015

Photoshoot au ski, Verbier

Ce matin, la famille princière a posé pour le traditionnel photoshoot au ski alors qu'ils passent leurs vacances d'hiver à Verbier.



(photos:zimbio/paris match)

7 commentaires:

  1. Belle petite famille aux enfants épanouis et bien dans leurs après-ski !

  2. tres belles photos de ma famille princière préférée!!! ils sont superbes et suis ravie de revoir les enfants qui ont bien changés!! ils s'éclatent et ont bien raison !!!

  3. Thank you for this great photo spread. They all look happy and the kids all look like they had growth sprits since we last saw them in August and December 2014, respectively.

  4. They all look very great ! A lovely family !
    The only thing bothering me is her Chanel sunglasses. Seriously? Chanel sunglasses when she is in the snow ???? I guess we don't have the same values.

    1. I don't see nothing terrible. I was vacationing with my family in Austria and also skiing. And I had these branded sunglasses from Dior.

  5. That is a lovely family ! Verbier is a very nice landscape for this kind of photoshoo!


  6. Great photos. Fred and Mary had their hands full during this photo shoot but it was all worth these lovely photos of the family. The children were having the best time it seems-- Josephine with that million dollar smile is worth all the hard work Mom & Dad had to do during the shoot. The older kids have grown a lot and seem so mature, especially Christian who seem the ultimate big brother. What a great shoot and thank you for bringing us these wonderful photos.