18 octobre 2014

Remise du prix du talent de l'année, Oslo

Hier, la princesse Mette Marit a remis le prix du talent féminin de l'année dans l'industrie des médias qui avait lieu à Oslo.

Mette Marit portait son tailleur MARIETTE avec des escarpins.


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  1. Off Topic : I just made my own blog about Queen Rania's fashion (http://queenraniafashion.blogspot.fr/ ) so from now on i will be posting comments with my Blogger ID under the same name 'Heaven'. I just wanted to let you know that it's the same 'Heaven' ;) Of course, having my own blog won't prevent me from helping you ID those outfits if you still want me :)

    1. Sure I will still need your help!!
      Good luck with your blog! I will have a look at it! Queen Rania is such a style icon as well :)

    2. Thank you ! It's hard because there is not a lot a photo of her working except the ones she post so it's hard to ID her outfits !