23 octobre 2014

La date du mariage du prince Carl Philip & Sofia Hellqvist est fixée!

Le palais vient d annoncer que le mariage de Carl Philip et Sofia aura lieu le samedi 13 juin 2015 à la chapelle du palais royal de Stockholm!
Comme pour le mariage de Madeleine, c'est le roi qui paiera l'intégralité du mariage.

Finalement, la robe serait bien de ARMANI mais pas le modèle montré en premier lieu! Voici une robe identique mais sans les manches longues (merci beaucoup @ Heaven!!).

5 commentaires:

  1. I don't think having a big wedding in Stockholm is a good idea... It's going to cost a lot of money and I remember there were already a lot of strong disagreement for Madeleine's wedding because it cost a lot of money... I don't think the swedish monarchy is going to live for much longer if they continue to spend all of there money...

  2. I don't think this will sit well with the Swedish taxpayers... Paying for a BIG royal wedding while even the governement can keep their financial promises....... I was expecting a wedding in Stockholm but in another church , with less royals since Sweden is really struggling financially.
    Moreover, no one from the British Royal Family will attend this wedding since Trooping the Colour is scheduled on June 13th...
    However, they are a beautiful couple ! I'm very happy for them!

    ( new photo: http://www.kungahuset.se/images/200.67e94750148caf4ad274bbc/1414061863714/H.K.H.+Prins+Carl+Philip+fr%C3%B6ken+Sofia+Hellqvist.+Foto+Erika+Gerdemark+kungahuset.se.jpg )


  3. This is the dress I found at the time the pictures were released. Maybe it´s not the same, maybe it´s indeed Armani but a different model, anyway it´´s not the model they said it was. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-hEc-FANoqnA/VCptdhRQ_WI/AAAAAAAALbU/rkiTSWDc48Y/s1600/Olivia_dress.jpg

  4. elle est jolie comme tout

  5. Could it be a long sleeved version of this Armani dress ? : http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/ca/1/product_assets/B/2/S/A/Z/BGB2SAZ_mz.jpg