4 novembre 2016

Première d'un film, Londres

Hier soir, la duchesse Catherine a assisté à la première du film A street cat named Bob (un chat de gouttière appelé Bob) qui avait lieu à Londres. Elle y assistait en sa qualité de marraine de l'association Action on Addiction.
Avant la première, elle a assisté à un autre acte privé qui consistait en la diffusion de courts métrages réalisés par des personnes ayant vaincu l'addiction à l'alcool ou à la drogue.

Tenue de Catherine




HS: les médias s'emballent sur la nouvelle romance supposée du prince Harry avec l'actrice américaine Meghan Markle. A voir si la nouvelle se confirme! Je trouve qu'elle ressemble beaucoup à Pippa Middleton

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  1. I really love Suits and Meghan Markle , she's a really nice, hard-working, committed woman and a great actress! But when i see all the criticism she's getting already , I hope she's not going to be scared by all of this, if it's even true !

    1. I really don't know why but I would love this story to be true! Harry needs a woman by his side and my blog needs a New princess to follow ahaha !

    2. I've been following the cast of Suits for 5 years, and I've always seen Meghan as a genuine, hard-working, kind , funny, strong woman so i'll be happy for her even though that means she'll most likely have to leave Suits :( haha
      She does a lot of charity work and her speech at the UN a few months ago was amazing!

    3. I don't know this TV show but I am going to watch it on Netflix (I guess it is available in the Channel). As a lawyer myself I am sure I am going to like it!!

    4. I really love it!
      I didn't know you were a lawyer! I don't know how accurate it is but there's a lot of drama but also humour and good dialogues and storylines

    5. I Will let you know my first impressions! But first I would like to watch THe Crown :)