8 juillet 2016

Inauguration à Monaco

Mercredi, le prince Albert et la princesse Charlene ont inauguré la nouvelle extension de la crèche de l'hôpital Princesse Grace, à Monaco.

3 commentaires:

  1. I wonder if she is wearing her pink Dior pumps : http://i.imgur.com/0nYDoRk.png
    The same ones she wore here : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-RQRk7sOzA6g/VhjdDCin_yI/AAAAAAAC-6I/yvgIh9TlCBs/s1600/Princess%2BCharlene%2BPrince%2BAlbert%2BParis%2BMatch%2BOctober%2B2015.jpg

    1. Yes it could be!! Too bad we have only one picture :(

    2. It's a screenshot I made from the video and it's the only time we can see the shoes so indeed it's too bad !