24 mai 2016

Visite d'une crèche, Copenhague

Ce matin, la princesse Mary a visité une crèche dans la banlieue de Copenhague afin de lancer un nouveau projet de sa fondation contre le harcèlement en lien avec Save the Children.



Tenue de Mary

Pantalon HEARTMADE (merci @ Style of Mary)

Compensées LK BENNETT 


3 commentaires:

  1. I am pretty sure she is wearing a new white blazer because the one she wore today has different pockets, a slight different collar and features no button like the model from McQueen ;) What do you say? So far haven't I been able to find the right one...

    1. Yes I have doubts as well! We need close up pictures!

    2. And I am happy you confirm pants are from Heartmade!
      I had the same idea but did not find anything on their website and did not have time to search for it:)