16 avril 2016

Voyage officiel en Inde - Jour 7

Le prince William et la Duchesse Catherine sont de retour en Inde pour leur dernière journée de voyage officiel où ils ont conclu en beauté avec la visite du Taj Mahal.

Départ du Bhoutan

Visite du Taj Mahal


Tenue 1 de Catherine


Escarpins LK BENNETT

Minaudière LK BENNETT


Tenue 2 de Catherine


Escarpins LK BENNETT

8 commentaires:

  1. I really loved all of Kate's fashion choice this tour! I just had problems with the hair, I wish she would have worn more ponytails/buns but she looked really good during this tour!

    What did you think of this tour Ccile ? I always love reading your opinion :)

    1. I have a mixed feeling about this tour concerning her fashion choices!
      I think this journey was really great and they seemed to enjoy every moment very much! I guess they are now happy to go back home and see their kids!

      Back to fashion: I have been a huge of Catherine for a long time now but recently, I have thought that she is becoming more and more conservative and always dressed in the same way! I would love her to try more and take fashion risks like Letizia or even Mary! These two ladies are 44 and they look so young with their style!
      She has a great body and she can wear whatever she wants so come on Kate! It may be time to hire a stylist to take some advice!
      But maybe the protocol is very strict and she must respect it?... But I am sure she can be modern and respect the etiquette!

    2. I agree with you but I think with all the flashing accidents she decided to wear longer hemlines to prevent it from happening.. I think she's afraid of critics about this because I think people will never be happy with her style, If she take some risks they'll say it's too much but if she doesn't they'll say it's not enough so I think she's doing her best :)
      But I really enjoyed seeing more prints from her because she usually stick to one color for her entire look so I appreciated that and I hope she'll continue this way :)

    3. Also, this might be my favorite tour because the landscapes are AMAZING! It really made me want to go to India & Bhutan! Beautiful countries!

    4. "It may be time to hire a stylist to take some advice!" - Catherine's private stylist is Natasha Archer.

    5. Oh I have no idea she already has a stylist!! Thanks for telling me!!

  2. This is actually a Great look, but honestly the is too conservative. She dressed Like her mother would do, and stll can't avoid Wind accident. So this riso free style is pointless.

  3. C'est une Jeune femme moderne, belle, sportive bref tout lui sourit, mais elle ne sait quoi faire de ses Mains!.