10 février 2016

70 ans du père de Charlene

La princesse Charlene a fait un aller retour express en Afrique du Sud, en début de semaine, pour célébrer les 70 ans de son père. Elle est vite rentrée à Monaco pour retrouver Jacques et Gabriella.


3 commentaires:

  1. What is she wearing in her head? Is that a wig?

  2. whatever she is wearing, she looks like a mannequin for shop Windows :))) Maybe she was doing a little show for her Darling papa.

    1. Yes little show :
      Dressed in what she called her “Benoni cowgirl” outfit, the princess surprised her father and his guests with a country dance and stroll as she sashayed into the birthday party area, carrying a tray with Mike’s favourite drink, a special cigar and a deck of cards and gambling chips, specially made for him with faces of all his grandchildren and family photos