16 janvier 2013

Concert du nouvel an, Copenhague

Hier soir, la princesse Mary a assisté au traditionnel concert du nouvel an organisé par les Home Guards dont elle est la marraine.


Manteau PRADA



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  1. what part of the concert can Mary possibly understand considering her non-existent Danish speaking ability ???!

  2. Crown Princess Mary looks so happy to be there , she is warm and confident

  3. Pourquoi son mari ne l'accompagne pas?

  4. Always love to see this happy and lovely Princess.

  5. lol 16 janvier 2013 22:01

    Laugh out Loud is all that we can do at your comment, as it is so easy to check what you say is a not correct.
    So yes we are Laughing out Loud at someone who cannot even check the facts before posting.
    Lots of Love.

  6. Im Dane and it is a FACT that Mary's Danish is just gibberish rubbish!!!!
    Speak in English Mary and spare us butchering our language! Over ten years in Denmark and it's just garbage! what an insult!

  7. No more Dane than Iam, but I have been to Denmark several times, and there is no way that the majority of the Danes agree with you.
    You can tell by the language that your are not Danish. Maxima cannot speak Dutch very well it has not improved for over 12 years so you agree this is garbage and an insult.

  8. How do you know what Danes want? you don't live in the country so you have NO idea!
    oh puhhlease! do not compare dumb Mary to the intelligent, intellectual Maxima! Mary is a lightweight and has nothing relevant to contribute to Denmark. Maxima is multilingual and far more fluent in Dutch, Spanish, French and English ...
    Mary can barely speak proper English - she's an embarrassment to Denmark! Defending her doesn't change the fact she's an idiot who is more interested in spending our money and profiting from the royal family...perfect parasite!!! But we know her game...her day of reckoning is coming! Tide is turning and the country won't put up with this eyesore much longer!

  9. Anonyme: please if you only come here to say very bad things about crown princess Mary feel free to go on another website...
    I can understand that you dislike her but the way you react is totally inappropriate...
    So why do you comment posts about her?don't waste your time!!
    This blog is a place where I like to share with people my passion about princesses and of course those ladies are not perfect but each ones try to give their best for the country they represent. So please be respectful ...
    Thank you

  10. Sorry Admin!!!
    We are all adults here (I hope we all are!) so if people are sensitive to the comments, it's better to skip them.
    Every royal girl is not above criticism but of course it's your discretion in the end so it's up to you! Your blog, Your call!

    But I have to say if you don't have the courage to allow comments you don't agree with then that's very unfortunate to squash your readers' reactions. The way I see it, as long as the comments don't have profanity (swear words) they should be good to be seen by others.

    So be brave admin! It really is a great site and I applaud your effort and hard work to putting it all together! And lastly, I want to say that a little bit of controversy won't hurt drumming up extra visits to your site!
    Merci merci merci beaucoup!!!

  11. Thank you Admin.

    For standing up for your morals, and for having a blog that you enjoy and many others do.
    Please do not let the BULLIES make you change and force you to do something that you do not want, this is bullying at it worst.
    You are already Brave to stand up and tell us what and how you like your blog

    Bravo to you and thank you for being the person that you are. I salute a person that has the courage to try to stop the bullying and downright nastiness that some try to make us all endure.

    Keep up the goodwork you are a treasure.

  12. Way to go Ccile, How nice and refreshing.

    Keep up the good work and let the disparagers find another place.

  13. Anonyme19 janvier 2013 14:32

    You have no idea either and yet you think you can be judge and jury on everything that the Danes want, have or need.I like Max bit to to say she can speak Dutch well, tells everyone that you just run off at the mouth and not check information.

    Ccile, Many thanks for a professional blog, and one that the owner has control over without letting the trolls take over.

  14. - Ccile, merci pour votre blog, continuez à nous envoyer les photos de toutes ces princesses qui font certainement des efforts pour paraitre du mieux possible aux yeux de leur peuple ainsi que des notres. Je suis désolée de la façon dont certaines personnes se trompent en vilipendant sévèrement ces princesses!!!.

  15. Bonjour Ccil. Je vois qu'il y a du sport :o)))
    pour info, je suis tombée, dans ebay, sur les fameuses chaussures que l'on croit de louboutin .... elles ressemblent à deux gouttes d'eau à des Ralph Lauren plutôt (la petite couleur rouge pourrait nous avoir trompées)
    Qu'en pensez-vous ? Cela me parait bien plus plausible.

  16. @JAusten: je pense que vous avez raison! J'avais des doutes sur le fait que ce soit des Louboutin car le rouge de la semelle n'était pas vraiment similaire au rouge Louboutin!
    Merci pour cette trouvaille!

  17. Je suis écoeurée par certains commentaires concernant MARY du Danemark
    C'est une Princesse agréable, souriante, qui doit sans doute prendre des cours de danois et qui parle un Anglais impeccable (en attendant ) qui s'occupe bien de ses 4 enfants , qui est très amoureuse de son mari, et qui représente bien le pays en étant toujours élégante, simple, disponible, Peut-on avoir des explications de ceux qui lui font tant de reproches ???