13 juin 2018

Visite de travail en Ecosse

Depuis hier, la princesse Marie est en Ecosse pour une visite de travail avec les pompiers et les sauveteurs du fait du poste qu'elle occupe au sein de l'agence danoise de gestion des urgences.


Manteau GOAT (nouveau) (le même que Kate et Mary)

(photo: kongehuset)

5 commentaires:

  1. Love this coat simple and classic .Marie looks good wearing it. now she is in Scotland with her Emergency Management Agency. She is getting around isn't she.

  2. Marie looks lovely …… but why again one of all those dark dresses in the hot summertime ? The year has four seasons!

    1. En Ecosse il fait 14°C,vous savez...

    2. 9 out of 10 times Marie is dressed most in neutral/anonymous black and white on day assignments, as she was still a French office employee and not a Danish princess on jobs !!! Her style is the same as it was 10 years ago, before she became HRH! Lack of interest in fashion, I think! Anyway, I love her personality, but her style is: boring black-white all year long, IMO!
      But here on the 2nd day in Scotland, her dress was perfect and her blouse trendy and beautiful!!

  3. Love Pss Marie's blouse on her 2nd day in Scotland for a very worthy cause.