30 avril 2018

Inauguration au Geoparc mondial de l'UNESCO

La princesse Marie a inauguré un projet artistique réalisé par des enfants au Geoparc mondial de l'UNESCO Odsherred, au Danemark.



(photos: kongehuset/ sn;dk)

3 commentaires:

  1. Once again Marie with children and a big smile. She is at her best.

  2. pss Marie's trench coat is very nice and has style.She is with people and of course kids she can relate to very ease gets fee hugs she smiles ad listen to them fresh air what else could one ask for. Great job Marie.

  3. Marie has such a wonderful appearance. Sadly she gets so few jobs in the royal house! Denmark is a small country and it seems as Mary doesn't want to share everything, even those where Marie is more competent, she has a bachelor degree in fine art!
    Very different from how it works in Sweden and England, indeed!